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The Commercial Marine Industry is regulated by Transport Canada and as such, appropriate training is required.  Our Instructors have a wide variety of Skills, Experience and Certifications to aid you in your endeavours and gaining the marine training you want and need!

Our Instructor’s Certification and Experience includes:

  • 150 Ton Commercial Master Certification with sea time on:
    • Tankers and Fish Packers
    • Vessel Assist and Towing, Dive Salvage and Recovery
    • Yacht Deliveries and Charters
  • Advanced Sail Canada Instructor Certification
  • European Certificate of Competency Instructor Certification
  • Transport Canada Approved Course Provider
  • ROC-M Marine Radio Instructor Certification
  • Adult Education Certificate
  • Many Years Experience Operating and Instructing for Sail Canada / IYT Marine School


Instructor Greig Williams
Greig Williams Land’s End Marine Training InstructorGreig is an experienced sailor and a veteran of South Pacific offshore cruising including more than 30,000 miles sailed in Hawaii, French Polynesia, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands, and extensive local cruising.  He is also a 150 ton Commercial Master with tanker, salmon trolling and packing experience with more than 2 years Certified Commercial sea time.  In addition, Greig is also a Transport Canada Marine Safety Instructor.

Are you drawn to sailing and the marine environment?  My own answer to this calling was a sea-going life early on.  I was sailing the South Pacific, working on commercial vessels in the North Atlantic and Pacific, and formalizing my sea time into a Commercial Masters Ticket and CYA Instructor Certifications.

The question is, how to enter this world in a safe way with good habits and skills, right from the start?  Allow me to share my experience with you in the SVOP, SDV-BS, and ROC-M Radio courses.

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