Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS)

Course Goals

To provide course participants with:

  1. a basic understanding of the hazards associated with the marine environment and their own vessel, and of how to prevent shipboard incidents including fire;
  2. the knowledge necessary to raise and react to alarms and deal with emergencies;
  3. an ability to provide assistance in fire and abandonment situations;
  4. the knowledge and skills which will enable them to assist in their own survival and rescue.

SDV-BS gives you a basic understanding of the marine hazards and emergencies, including:

  • Hazards & risk management, prevention and vessel stability
  • Fire Emergency Response
  • Survival & Lifesaving equipment use
  • Distress signaling including flares, DSC Radio & EPIRB Beacons
  • Cold water emergency response
  • Coastal search & rescue procedures
  • The ability to provide assistance in fire and abandonment situations

SDV-BS is for Crew Members, 15 years of age an over of non-pleasure vessels of up to 150 gross tons not operating more than 25 miles from shore, including, but not limited to: Commercial Fishing, Crew Boats, Work Boats and Tugs.

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