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SVOP,  SDV-BS (formerly MED A3),  and VHF Radio

Why Train With Land’s End Commercial Marine Training?
Not just any school can be a Transport Canada Marine Safety Course Provider.  Instructors must have a Transport Canada Commercial Masters Certificate, an Adult Education Diploma, comply with Transport Canada Quality Management and use certified texts and approved exams.  The process takes up to two years to finally qualify and courses are audited by Transport Canada Master Mariners.  We are authorized to issue your Certificate on the final day of your course.  In fact, your first step into the world as a legal Commercial Mariner is often with us.   We take it seriously and you can trust us to emphasize what you really need to know as a Professional Mariner, never just dry coverage of textbook material.

Train with Land’s End Commercial Marine Training.

Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Course – SVOP

SVOP Commercial Marine Training Our Small Vessel Operator Course or SVOP is 4 days of instruction as required by Transport Canada for people working on small commercial vessels.  It covers the minimum training of operators of commercial vessels, up to 5 gross tonnage, and for fishing vessels up to 15 gross tonnage.

For more information and course schedules on the Small Vessel Operator Proficiency, please visit our SVOP page.


Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS)

**Formerly MED A3 (Marine Emergency Duties A3)

Our SDV-BS (Formerly MED A3) course is approved by Transport Canada and is a requirement for all persons employed on small commercial vessels (before completing 6 months of work at sea).

This course provides Basic Safety training for crew of non-pleasure vessels of not more than 150 gross tonnage operating not more than 25 nautical miles from shore.SVD-BS Commercial Marine Training

This course is for Crew Members of non-pleasure vessels including: Commercial Fishing, Crew Boats, Work Boats, etc.

For more information and course schedules on the Marine Emergency Duties, please visit our SDV-BS page.


Marine VHF Radio (ROC-M)

ROC-M Commercial Marine TrainingThis course is required by law to operate a VHF radio 25 miles or less from shore.  The classroom course is a full day with practical simulations using proper radio procedure.

VHF/DSC is part of a global safety system for mariners.

For more information and course schedules on the VHF Radio course, please visit our ROC-M VHF Radio page.


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